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Who are we?

Diseño Electromecánico Morán

We are a company committed to quality in all our services and products.


Offer reliable, and above all, timely and effeCtive solutions to our customers.


Have a high degree of responsibility and atention towards our clients and collaborators by offering clarity in our decisions.


Provide the industry, content, and construction of electromechanical services and products with high added value, based on our experience, creativity, and honesty.

Satisfying our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations. Interpreting the needs of each project from those who hire us, both technical and economic, and thus providing proposals with the best cost-benefit ratio.


Always committed to industry and society

Quality policy 

Provide a better service in speed and eficiency with the use of top quality materials and optimal human capital to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Quality that generates trust

Electromechanical services, welding and industrial maneuvers.

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DELMOR. Industrial Services

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